Barebells Coconut-Choco Protein Bar Review

Note: None of the reviews on this blog are paid for, I am completely honest and will say if I don’t like something!

So I finally got round to trying this bad boy from Barebells 🤑  This bar has been recommended to me time and time again. In my gym they have a huge variety of different protein bars, so I thought I’d see what all the hype was about.

And I was not disappointed..

I purchased it for £2 at my gym – average price for a protein bar. The packaging is very pretty (my favourite shade of blue). It tells you the grams of protein on the front of the wrapper, which removed the awkwardness of finding the nutrient table and deciphering the protein content.

Nice soft & slightly chewy texture, none of that weird texture you get with other protein bars – espeically those with a fairly high protein content 😷 However, the coconut was flaking off when I unwrapped it which made it quite messy to eat 🍴  When I identified the problem I simply took all the packaging off to stop any more coconut flaking off, but this is not an ideal bar to eat in the car etc (unless you like having a messy car).

Macros are pretty good, at 199kcal per bar. 15g carbs, 7.7g fat and 20g protein. Good amount of protein for the lowish calories. I tend to find any bars/cookies/etc under 200kcal tend to have a lower amount of protein, but this one ticked all the boxes!

The bar is a decent size, not sickly whatsoever so pretty goddamn filling 👍🏼 Will DEFINITELY be buying again 😻 Overall rating: 8.5/10

Onto the next one..


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