BumbleZest: Chamomile, Lavender & Spirulina drink review

Note: None of the reviews on this blog are paid for, I am completely honest and will say if I don’t like something!

This was the third and final drink I got from BumbleZest. I was super excited to try this one simply because it’s my favourite colour ever!! 🤤 As per usual, the packaging is lovely, a simple glass bottle with a screw-on lid that can be rinsed and recycled afterwards (#savetheenvironment YAAAAS).

I added it to my Valkyrie Fitness shaker, then diluted it as directed with 250ml water, and put in the fridge for half an hour to ensure it was nice and cold.


The smell of this drink is absolutely gorgeous – sweet and so inviting! I had a weird sense that this was definitely gonna be my favourite out of the three samples I’d tried. The taste was sweet, fruity and totally refreshing. I got that characteristic tang that I now associate with the BumbleZest range that makes them so delicious and unique! 🤗

There was a perfect balance between all of the ingredients, the mint, cinnamon and sweetness of the agave and sweetener go SO well together! None of the main ingredients were overpowering either, which is so refreshing as many multi-ingredient juices tend to have one super dominant flavour – which can be a really bad thing if you’re not fussed on said flavour 😩

The macros are brilliant (as per usual). Only 2g of sugar per 100ml when diluted with water, which is really surprising as they taste quite sweet! This displays the perfect contrast between BumbleZest drinks and your standard fruit juices – which are absolutely jam-packed full of sugar! Hence these are a perfect alternative to your fruit juices, and contain many ingredients you’ve probably never tried before, instead of just ‘fruit juice from concentrate’ 😴 30.6kcal per 100ml of the drink which is excellent, especially if you’re looking to get nutrients in when you’re cutting.

I noticed that the website displays the text ‘Spirulina – nature’s multi-vitamin’ so I decided to do some research myself, as I honestly had never heard of it before. Spirulina is a blue/green colour algae.
It is high in:

  • Chlorophyll (a natural detoxifyer)
  • Essential fatty acids (like Omega 3)
  • Iron (especially good for pregnant women)
  • Betacarotenoids (antioxidants which help your immune system and help to clear up your skin)
  • Calcium (over 26 times the amount in milk!!!)
  • Micronutrients (vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A, potassium, chromium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium)

And this is only one ingredients out of the many used in the drink and throughout the BumbleZest range! These drinks are a perfect way to introduce you to those superfoods you’ve never heard of, or maybe have heard of but have never had the guts to try. The sheer number of health benefits are incredible!

Another wonderful thing about this drink is that it’s suitable for vegans! This is another positive for me as I’m trying to decrease my consumption of animal products 😍

The tagline for this particular drink is ‘Calm & comfort’ which is think is wholly suitable. I could definitely imagine drinking this to unwind at the end of a long days work or after a hard gym session.

I saw on the website that there are methods listed to turn these drinks into mocktails! When I get more of these drinks this is DEFINITELY going to be my next set of reviews 😜 Go check their website out: http://www.bumblezest.co.uk/

Thank you so much BumbleZest! 💖


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