Barebells Caramel Cashew Protein Bar Review

Note: None of the reviews on this blog are paid for, I am completely honest and will say if I don’t like something!

After how much I loooooved the Barebells Coconut-Choco bar, I thought I’d give this baby a whirl. £2 per bar from my gym, average price for a protein bar unless you purchase in bulk or with a discount code.

Packaging is similar to the other bar, neat and concise with the protein macros clearly displayed on the front. The only difference in packaging is that the blue is replaced by a nice caramel colour.

I was really surprised at the appearance of the bar as I’d never seen it before. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting but it was not this beautiful specimen! 😍
As soon as I took my first bite I knew that this bar was going straight to the top of my favourites list. Absolutely AMAZING. The bar is topped with chunks of soft and gooey caramel which melt in your mouth. There’s a real milk chocolate taste, like the taste of your favourite chocolate bar, not a fake or synthetic taste you tend to get with protein bars 🍫. Perfect sweetness, not overly sweet or sickly. I was unsure about the cashew combo but honestly I couldn’t detect the cashew too much, maybe a slight note of it but not overpowering whatsoever! 🤗 The only drawback of the bar is that it does have that general texture of protein bars which makes it quite chewy. However, despite the slight mouth-workout, I actually found it very enjoyable to eat. The requirement for actually chewing the bar prevented me from swallowing it whole 😂😂

Macros are pretty goddamn good. 199kcal per bar, 14g carbs, 7.9g fat, 20g protein. This is ever so slightly lower in carbs but higher in fats than the Coconut-Choco bar. I found it super filling as a pre-workout snack, as I hadn’t eaten all morning and didn’t want to train fasted. It also didn’t make me bloat like other bars I’ve had! 🤑

I actually think I prefer this bar to the Carb Killas, merely because it isn’t as sickly. Overall rating: 9.5/10 – gonna be a hard one to beat 🤔


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