Hamstrings & Glutes Workout

I did this workout last week and it was ridiculously good. Super sweaty, an absolute killer but enjoyable at the same time.

To reap the benefits of any hamstring/glute workout, you must focus on developing your mind-muscle connection. Before I dd this, when I was squatting, I would merely squat. Now, I actively engage and focus on the muscle group I’m training that day. If I’m training hamstrings/glutes, although my quads are obviously working to carry out the movement, I’m focusing on really working those muscle groups specifically. It’s a brilliant tool to develop and will really take your training to the next level.

I’ll be writing another post soon specifically on the Mind-Muscle connection, so stay tuned!

You’ll notice I don’t really do weighted exercises for calves. This is because I have a tendency to overtrain them and injure the muscles. For now I’m training using just bodyweight, but will use dumbbells/barbells when the time is right.

Warm Up

  • 10 minute super incline walk on treadmill or 10 minutes on StairMaster
  • Dynamic stretching, focusing mainly on hip flexors



  1. Back squats – 6×20/15/12/10/10/10
  2. Stiff legged dumbbell deadlifts – 4×12
    Superset with: Goblet squats – 4×12
  3. Lying hamstring curls: 6×20/15/12/10/10/10
    Superset with: Standing calf raises – 6×20 (3 toes forward, 3 toes out, 3 toes in)
  4. Standing hip abductor – 4×12 (balance on the balls of your feet, squat down then move your legs out and in, keeping your torso tight)
    Superset with: Seated hip abductor – 4×12
  5. Machine uphill leg press – 4×12 (fast on way up, slowly on way down, DO NOT lockout your legs)
    Superset with: Machine calf raises – 4×20
  6. Cable low rope hip thrust – 4×12 (really squeeze at the top of the movement)
    Superset with: Paused goblet squat – 4×12 (count to 3 at bottom of movement)
  7. Walking lunges – 4×20 steps (far strides with a double pulse)
  8. Glute kickback machine – 4×12
    Superset with: Standing calf raises – 4×200

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