Nuband Flash HR Review

Note: None of the reviews on this blog are paid for, I am completely honest and will say if I don’t like something!
The first thing that I noticed about the Nuband was that the packaging was neat, small and definitely not excessive. Excessive packaging is something that really grinds my gears, but the Nuband came in a small box, with the product inside plastic casing. Easily recyclable and nothing too OTT.

After unpackaging the Nuband, I read the instructon manual which specified that the Nuband must be charged before using. I easily took the main body of the watch out of the band, and hooked it up to my laptop. A built in USB jack removes the need for wires and cables, as you can merely plug it straight into a USB port on a computer or plug socket! The charging time for mine was 1-2 hours, which is absolutely brilliant in comparison to other devices I own (iPhone 7, Bluetooth Headphones). I loved the fact that the battery percentage is displayed on the screen whilst the device charges, so you can identify when it is fully charged. When it reached 100%, I put the main device back into the band with ease and put the band on my wrist.


First impressions upon putting the watch on was that it’s super light! I can be quite fussy with watches and trackers as I don’t like them to be noticeably heavy. The Nuband was surprisingly light and after a while I completely forgot I was wearing it. I’m normally tentetative when purchasing watches etc, as I have really small wrists. The adjustable wrist strap has many holes so you can customise the circumference of the band to your wrist size! What I was even more pleased about, was that fact that when I put the Nuband on pretty tightly, there were still another 2 holes left to make it even smaller. People who have small wrists, do not fear, I’ve finally discovered a watch that will cater to our needs!


The design is sleek and simple. The watch face will turn black when not in use, to save battery and improve the look of the Nuband. The strap is simple, easy to remove and put on, and feels comfortable. The black and white interface may at first appear to be almost too-simple, yet I found that this merely added to the style of the watch.

Another great addition to the Nuband is the app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store for Android! It supports a variety of devices, from iPhones to iPads to Android phones. You link your phone up via Bluetooth pairing, which hasn’t got to be done constantly, only when you want to sync your data to the app.

The main homepage displays your activity day-by-day, so you can see during which hours you were active, your overall calorie burn, distance walked and more. This is good for identifying those times of day where you’re most inactive, so that you can focus on spreading your activity out throughout the day.

From the app, you can activate various settings, including a Sleep Monitor. You can also set alarms for certain times during the day. Even better is the Sedentary Reminder, which sends a small vibration to your Nuband if you’re inactive/sitting down for a while – reminding you to get off your ass and move! This can be activated to suit YOUR daily routine, so if you sleep between the hours of 10pm and 7am, the Nuband will not vibrate during this time, as you’ll be asleep.

Notifications can also be activated through the app. You can choose which apps you’d like to recieve notifications for. I always keep my message notifications on, so that if my phone is on charge/on the floor when I’m training and I recieve a text, I can quickly glance at my wrist to see whether it is worth responding too. The Nuband can hold up to 8 messages at a time, so be sure to clear them off by simply viewing them and swiping to the next message.

You can also select your chosen training methods in the app. By going to the Activity menu, you can add or remove different training methods, and set personal goals. Sports include (but are not limited to): walking, jumping rope, badminton, basketball, soccer, volleyball, table tennis, cycling, dance, skiing, yoga, and gymnasium. In total there are currently 20 different forms of sport available to select!


The device’s interface can take a bit of getting used to, but that’s probably due to the fact that I didn’t spend quite enough time playing around with it before training. I figured out how to record my workout, but thought that it wasn’t recording until half way through my session when I learned how to navigate between the screens.. Felt like such an idiot! This 100% could’ve been prevented if I’d spent 5 minutes swiping and clicking through the interfaces and getting to know the device. When recording your workouts, the interface only tracks hours and minutes, so it will say 00:00 until you hit your first minute, when it’ll change to 00:01.

The primary interface is navigated by swiping down. Primary interfaces include: date and time, messages, training, function, schedule. To access a secondary interface, you simply swipe to the left on the chosen primary interface. The pathways are as follows..

  • Date and Time: Step, Kcal, Km, Heartrate
  • Messages: 8 different notifications
  • Training: each of your chosen training methods will be displayed here (mine are Running & Gymnasium)
  • Function: Find Phone, No Disturb, Dial, Information, Restore Settings, Power Off
  • Schedule: each item on your schedule

Once you’ve found your chosen secondary interface, to select it you simply press and hold the screen for a second. The Nuband will buzz in response as the secondary interface is selected. One slight problem I found was that when I was training in the gym, if I accidentally rubbed the screen of the Nuband, it sometimes registered me as ending the training session. I discovered this when I was doing lying leg raises, an exercise during which I always put my hands underneath my glutes to support myself. However, I easily resolved the problem by moving the Nuband further up my arm using the adjustable strap.

I wore my Nuband to work just out of curiosity. I work in a supermarket stocking shelves, so was intrigued as to how many steps I was doing per shift. In my first shift wearing this band, I worked 6am-2pm. In this 8 hour shift, I did over 22,000 steps!  At first I was quite dubious, and thought that maybe the NuBand wasn’t tracking my steps correctly. So as I walked, I counted my steps, then referred back to the steps interface on the Nuband. To my surprise, it was completely accurate! Plus, it didn’t track any steps for when I was filling the shelves, even though my wrist was obviously moving. Amazing!

For total accuracy, I’d recommend wearing the Nuband pretty much all day, and maybe removing at night every few days to charge. By doing this, you’ll be able to see a full scope of your activity and daily steps. I have yet to use every interface on the Nuband as there are simply so many different options suited to everyone’s goals! Every day I’m trying out a different interface to see how it works. For example, today I used the Find Phone secondary interface, which causes your phone to make a siren noise so you can locate it. Super handy, especially for someone like me who ALWAYS loses their phone, even just in my bedroom!

There is a 12 month warrantee on any purchase which is brilliant. If you detect a fault with your Nuband, you can merely contact the company and they’ll arrange for a product exchange! Despite this, I haven’t experienced a single problem with my Nuband.

All in all, I was MAJORLY impressed with this product. The app needs a little bit of work, but in general it offers a huge variety of options for each individual. I love how you can customise your Nuband to suit you. There are many colour options available for each personality. It is not waterproof however, but it is splash-proof.  The instruction manual provides all the information you require to successfully operate and troubleshoot your device. Furthermore, the guys running the Instagram page are always available to answer any queries.

The Nuband is affordable, works well and accurately, and is an all-round brilliant addition to anyone’s life, whether you’re hardcore into fitness or are merely just trying to broaden your understanding of your personal activity level. This is not JUST a fitness watch, it’s a lifestyle tracker!

If you decide to make a purchase, tag me in a photo on Instagram and let me know how much you love it. If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment on this post, or message me on Instagram. All questions will be answered quickly and honestly.

Instagram: @nutechnology
Selected ranges are also available for purchase through Argos!


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