I’m an 18 year old girl from Wales, UK. I’m currently studying to hopefully become a Dentist one day. I like food and lifting.

I’ve dabbled in powerlifting and have run the Wendler 531 programme in the past. I’m an aspiring bikini competitor, but for the moment I’m just enjoying building my ideal physique. I’ve been skinny, skinny fat, overweight, quite cut (I wouldn’t say ripped yet) – and am now trying to find a happy, maintainable medium. For updates and information on my current training, see the Training page.

Also, I’ve recently become interested in baking. Seeing as I can’t cook at all, this is quite an achievement for me. I’m determined to learn to bake and cook a variety of foods. For posts about my baking, including the recipes and methods used, see the Baking page.

If you’d like to contact me regarding anything, see the Contact page.

There are also links to my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter here – although they’re very easy to find as they all have the same username.

Happy reading!